What dreams sea fish?
One of the most popular questions is: what dreams sea fish? Dream fish is usually a bad omen: portend failure, trouble, etc. the meaning of the interpretation of the sleep…

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These amazing fish
In the World ocean inhabits 180 thousand kinds of animals According to scientists, man eating fish and other marine animals that uses only 0.02% of the primary production of seas…

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What is Marine aquarium?
Throughout the contents of a marine aquarium, you will have to experiment on your own risk. There is a lot of literature and other information sources on this topic. I…

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Dangerous animals of Egypt

Today Egypt is one of the most favorite places of recreation for the citizens of Russia. Such love this country deserved thanks to historical monuments, ancient pyramids of Giza, the Luxor temple. and of course the Nile. Aswan dam – the colossal statue, is a symbol of friendly relations between Russia and Egypt. Special beauty makes the beautiful Red sea, which is home to many marine inhabitants.

In the Red sea there are over a thousand species of fish and about 250 species of corals. However be wary of acquaintances with some kinds. One of the most dangerous inhabitants of the sea is considered to be a shark in the Red sea but they are not the most dangerous fish. Unlike the Indian ocean, sharks in the Red sea not so much, about 30 species. Most often we can meet reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, hammerhead. It should be noted that not one of these species is not particularly aggressive, but despite that it is necessary to keep security measures. Make your stay in water have passed without incidents worth knowing about some rules: it is not recommended to beat the water with her hands and feet, to swim in troubled waters, to hunt with a harpoon gun. All of which can attract sharks.

Sea urchins.

Sea urchins are dangerous because not noticing you opprotunistic on them. Therefore, it is recommended to look carefully at his feet, if the bottom is not sandy. Among the most dangerous types of sea urchins – diademata. They have a particularly long needle. Their length is about 3-4 inches. Once in the human body, they cause inflammation. Feature of the species is that sea urchins Diadema react to shadow and light, thereby instantly releasing their needles over the emerging object. Also found species – pileolus act as respiratory organs. He is two colors – gray and red.


Lionfish are very beautiful fish, but it is very dangerous to humans. Meet lionfish with yellow, black, white, green, red, brown, orange wings. These fish are afraid not only people, but also marine inhabitants. Stepping on a lionfish, people have strong tumor and pain, a difficulty breathing. There were recorded cases of deaths.

Titan Triggerfish

You have a lot of trouble if you find yourself near a nest of this fish. Feature of fish is strong mouth, with which she bite hard corals.

Fish stone

This fish lives on hard corals, plants or sand surface. Be wary of a man it is because she is able to identify the poison. In length the fish is a stone of about forty cm


Stingrays are known for them can get a serious electric shock, which sometimes leads even to death. Meet the Stingray can even at the coast.

Monster from the depths of the World ocean
Underwater world conceals many mysteries, and the moon mankind has learned better than the bottom of the oceans. Blue in the water column live amazing marine life. The biggest, strongest…


Fish in the pond.
So you want to fish lived in a pond. But what fish? The most popular fish in the ponds and pools of goldfish. She is beautiful, has a lot of…