A few facts about sharks
he oldest sharks there are over 400 million years, sharks are older than dinosaurs. There are about 350 species of sharks; their size can vary from 15 centimeters to 18…

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What dreams sea fish?
One of the most popular questions is: what dreams sea fish? Dream fish is usually a bad omen: portend failure, trouble, etc. the meaning of the interpretation of the sleep…

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Breeding fish in an artificial pond
Nothing livens up an artificial pond, floating like a bright fish. In addition to aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of them, communicating with them and feeding the fish bring practical…

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What is Marine aquarium?

Throughout the contents of a marine aquarium, you will have to experiment on your own risk.

There is a lot of literature and other information sources on this topic. I would not want to go into detailed details of numerous biochemical processes, especially when you consider that this novice aquarists do not understand. I will allow myself to be limited only to a writing of basic instructions for beginners, in order to warn them from the fatal mistakes and to save the innocent from death Zinger.

Before you decide to have a saltwater aquarium, you need to realize how much you really want it. Seascape is primarily responsible and painstaking daily work, which in the end is rewarded with a beautiful contemplation and unique observations. You need to consider their financial capabilities, as in our time, a saltwater aquarium is not cheap.

The main financial investments You expect in preparation. Here is a partial list of the minimum units for marine aquarium:

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Whale sanctuary in the Mediterranean sea

Not all, probably believe that whales live in the Mediterranean sea. And it’s true: cetaceans and basking in such turbulent waters that night and day travel through sea vessels, really are. To see minke whales, dolphins, sperm whales, you just have to sit in the boat and go for a walk in the sea. Of course, marine mammals are very bother the noise of engines, loud music and oil stains. Frightened Dolphin or whale often does not have time to get off the road and stumbled on running at high speed the ship could be lost. People try to save beautiful sea animals and maintain the conditions to which they are accustomed. To do this in the Mediterranean was established whale sanctuary. It is situated between the coast of Italy (Liguria, Sardinia, Tuscany), France and Monaco. On the map the reserve looks like a triangle with an area of 84 thousand sq km, the top of which is the Cape to Find pamariu (near Toulon), Sardinian capes ferro, Falcone Fossò-Carone, on the Western Italian coast, near the border between Tuscany and Lazio. The reserve declared a “special protected area because of its importance for the Mediterranean”. Prevailing in this zone for East-West acts like a vortex that lifts from the depth of layers of plankton. Continue reading

Com — the largest predator of freshwater bodies
Big catfish weigh over a hundred pounds, and fish weighing thirty to forty pounds are not uncommon. There are people the idea that som fish dirty, eats only carrion. No,…


Sea fishing in Bulgaria
Sea fishing in Bulgaria do not need to obtain any special permits and flights to Bulgaria are quite inexpensive and fishing here can be anyone from Russia. Fishing in Bulgaria…